Warren Academy

Get Stronger, Get Faster & Perform Better!

Our sports performance training programs will maximize each athletes full potential through functional training methods.  Our training system will improve EXPLOSIVENESS, FLEXIBILITY, SPEED, AGILITY, AND STAMINA. We help athletes of all levels shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength and power.  Athletes work in small groups to ensure training is done correctly and efficiently. Each athlete will be baseline tested prior to and at completion of each program.  Young athletes will come away from this program with improved ability and with a better attitude toward training.

Youth Training (AGES 8-11) 

Our Youth Athletic Training program is designed to improve any young athletes overall athletic ability. This program is primarily movement based, mixed with core and functional strength.

Competitive Training (AGES 12-14)

Our competitive training program builds off the movement and strength components our athletes developed through youth training. Once they have moved to this level we begin to build in a basic strength program to help them develop explosive power. 

Varsity (AGES 15-18)

Our Varsity High School prep program will focus on SPORT SPECIFIC techniques to improve the athlete’s explosiveness, power, speed, agility and conditioning. Our Varsity program is good for the high school athlete that is ready to focus on one or two sports. 

College Prep (18+)

Designed for athletes headed to or currently in college.  Warren Academy’s college prep program utilizes the same methods and intensity used to train elite level athletes. This program will allow you to reach your full physical and mental potential and prepare you to dominate your sport.

Adult Fitness

Our Adult Fitness program is designed to serve adults who want to improve their overall health and fitness.   We realize that everyone has individual exercise goals, interests, and abilities.  Our goal is to meet the specific needs of each of our clients, whether they are a beginning their journey to a healthier lifestyle or if they are an advanced athlete.

General Fitness / Bootcamps / Toning / Weight Loss / Individual Training / Accountability